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Reclaimed Timber

Old Barns, Hand Hewn, Factory Beams, Heart Pine Beams

All of our materials are reclaimed and recycled. We have worked with many dismantlers over the past 25 years and get our timbers from old barns, warehouses, and even skyscrapers! Our guys know we look for only the best highest quality in reclaimed timbers and the most unique and hardest to find. The sizes are SOO random, we have 3 x 3's up to 24 x 24 and even larger at times!  We work with each client to give them that one-on-one attention to find out what they want their forever home to be like and also the architects, builders, interior designers to make sure each client gets exactly what they expect and are nothing but satisfied after the job is complete. 

the beam process...
1 - After the purchase and dismantle of the beams, they are loaded and shipped to our yard in Collinsville, AL.
2- The beams come in sometimes with literally, a little bit of everything on them and in them! They are laid out in our "de-nail" station where all visual bling-bling are removed and depending on the job, we'll bust out with some of the finest metal detectors TSA has to offer and remove any materials from inside for milling.
3- Then the beams get a long needed and deserved bath! They either hand clean/brush, power wash and sometimes sandblasted.
4- They are finally at the finishing stage where the beams get sold AS IS for that weathered rustic look, insect treated (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!) and/or the grinding and waxed finish for the "Rustic Elegance" that is so popular now!
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