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We take pride in working closely with the customer from that first phone call or email to ensure they have everything, from information to materials, that they are expecting in their forever home. From the interior designer creating dreams to working with the architects and builders and even to the individual homeowner who isn't quite sure what they want or need, we work with them all and develop lifetime relationships. We are truly grateful for our customers past, present and future :) 
Now, on to what they have to say about us .....
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Frank Purvis, Covenant Construction, LLC.
"Excellent service and inventory!" 


Wendy Jenkins, RW Stone and Tile
"Absolutely stunning product from a family owned and operated store! You will not be sorry using James & Company Antique Timbers and Flooring for your next project!!"


Paul E Irwin, Irwin Brothers Remodeling
"They do a wonderful job milling &processing they’re old timbers"

Tricia Willis, Tricia Willis Design
"They have been salvaging old wood before most people so there is a level of knowledge you can trust! "


Stephen Lochmiller, Site Solutions
"I have had the pleasure of working with James & Company for over 20 years on various projects. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to work with an honorable family who delivers what they promise, on time, and never have any surprises. Its no wonder they have so many satisfied customers. Give them a call and you'll see what I'm talking about. Great customer service. Thanks, James & Company."

Cindy Barganier, Cindy E Barganier Interiors
"Shannin and Donnie are the best. Their products always take our projects to the next level. If you are building new construction antique wood will add the character and age needed to take it from a house to a home like nothing else can do. Cindy Barganier, Cindy Barganier Interiors"

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Jim Layfield, 5 stars!
"Love it I've Used A Lot of Heart pine Beams from them Great Timber"

Vicki Mann, Homeowner
"Beautiful wood and beautiful products from people who are very helpful and passionate about giving new life to antique timbers.

Justin Jackson, Hawk Woodworks, Alabama
"I build custom cabinets and decor, when I’m looking for a one of a kind show piece this is where I go for my wood!!

Lexi Hardin, Homeowner, Memphis TN

"James and Company has a fantastic selection of reclaimed woods. I was very impressed with both the staff and the inventory. All my questions were answered politely and with great detail. Their prices are more than reasonable. If you are looking for reclaimed wood for any project this is the place to go."

Amy Snider, Hippie Homeowner, Guntersville, AL 

"This place is amazing. No trees were cut down and the antique wood is beautiful. The staff are extremely helpful through the whole process. If you you're looking for quality, customer serious and true its word wood then this is the place to go! I highly recommend this to my friends and spread the word. These guys know what they're doing and it shows!! Thanks James and Co."

More coming.....

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