I've always been told, "Well informed customers make the best choices!" So here it goes!
                                                Welcome to James & Company Antique Timbers and Flooring!

You've possibly decided to go both timeless and eco friendly with your creation? Let me assure you EVERY order is treated the same. Whether you order one mantle to just 5 boards for an "accent wall" or a whole truckload for building your forever home, you will get the same respect and attention needed for your project. We encourage you to give us as much notice as possible, this is to benefit ALL of our deadlines. Smaller orders can sometimes be complete in a week while larger ones can take 3 to 6 weeks to complete. All this will be discussed per order. 

The first important step, as with most things, is viewing pictures to see what you like. Feel free to bring pictures to us or email to us to see if we have what you are looking for, and possibly tell you more about the materials you like. 
We have products and samples at our office if you wish to come visit or schedule an appointment for someone to show you around and talk about pricing, availability, sales, etc.
  * Once materials and/or species, sizes, etc. have been agreed upon we will fax or email you a quote sheet with all pricing, lead time, shipping costs and details of delivery.
  * You always add 7 - 10% as waste factor depending on materials ordered. We will be glad to help you with this during the quote. 
We require a 50% deposit
to begin all custom orders and the balance is due upon delivery.
  * Each species of wood comes with its own unique characteristics. Color and grain are determined by the species and how the wood is cut. Natural variations in the color and grain are to be expected. These variations combine to create your floors unique natural beauty.
Treatments - we do take the proper steps in treating our materials for bugs and/or larvae. Most lumber and wood are naturally subject to insect infestation at some point. There are different treatments needed for different species. Upon our initial purchase materials are visually inspected then decisions are made on the treatments. Treatments consist of, but not limited to, fumigation, dry kiln and the use of Boracare. While we exercise proper procedure for infestation we do not warrant that the materials you receive are insect free or that they will not become infested in the future. Please read the info on Boracare and how it protects for future infestation. We have been in this business for 30 years and use only the best products to protect our materials and our customers.  
Payment - We accept cash or check in office. Once you get an Invoice you can also pay online with debit card. 
  * All our flooring is warranted against manufacturing defects for 30 days from the date of shipping, BUT, prior to installation. It is our responsibility to provide properly graded, dried and milled flooring, but it is the buyers responsibility to confirm this prior to installation. 
Shipping - we will notify customer when order is complete. Customer will then have 7 business days to arrange and accept delivery or pick up order. Any orders remaining in our possession after the 7 days will be charged $20 per week storage fee. Orders will not be left at a jobsite without complete balance paid in full. In the event there is no one there to accept delivery customer will then be liable for any additional return/delivery charges before another attempt of delivery will be made. 
Acclimation - this varies according to materials purchased. If you buy a flooring that is in stock, well its pretty much acclimated baby! If you purchase a flooring that is custom cut from beams, they do go thru a drying process but would need to acclimate in your enviornment anywhere from 48 hours to 5 days, again, depending on materials. We will discuss this with you upon purchase. 
Installation - we do not have installers but we can make recommendations of those that are familiar with our products in some areas. PLEASE MAKE SURE WHOEVER YOU HIRE TO DO THE INSTALLATION OF THIS FLOOR THAT THEY ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE INSTALLATION OF A RECLAIMED WOOD FLOOR! 
Returns - All sales orders, custom or stock orders, are FINAL. We do not issue refunds or exchanges for unused materials. 
Designs and Decisions - If you are building without an architect or designer and just don't know which way to go, we do offer scheduled "Design Consultation" appointments starting at $50 per hour. You can call or email for an appointment, bring your plans or "doodles" - we'll discuss the plans and ideas for your project, get a feel of what you want and show you materials suitable for what you need and also give you samples to help you decide on materials, test stain colors, etc. After we narrow down choices we will be able to give you a quote based on your budget, needs and wants! 
Some benefits of a hardwood floor are: Easy to clean YAAY! Ideal for allergy sufferers as they do not promote dust or harbor dust mites. Hardwood floors are long lasting and the ONLY floor covering that increases the value of your home. 
  * We offer a variety of ideas and styles for these woods. Ceiling materials, wall paneling, custom moldings, beautiful wood flooring, furniture, stair parts, well let's just say, "From the ceiling to the floor, we've got you covered!"

Questions and Answers:

We reclaimed and recycle wood mostly, from time to time we will have brick, tin, doors, windows, and whole cabins.
Donnie and Roxanne James started this company "officially" in 1993. 

Well, there's really NO ONE place it comes from. We network with many DEconstruction companies to reclaim old warehouses and commercial buildings marked for demo. For example, we've reclaimed the original Helene Curtis building in Chicago, IL - Pabst Distillery in Milwaukee, WI - Chicago Transit Authority - the original World Trade Center - to name a few.
We also have many contacts with barn reclamators that travel the United States looking for old barns, houses, tobacco drying facilities used in the 1800's, shut down factories marked for improvement demos and things like that. These guys carefully take the buildings apart, we send in a truck and bring it all back here to be recycled into usuable materials again! Its really very interesting especially when old newspapers are found within the walls of these old houses and barns. We have some of these in our office for everyone to see as well! 
We sell to everyone. From a single mantle piece or a few boards to build your own table up to truckloads. We don't hold back!
Just depends on what you have for sale. We do not have a demo crew, we just buy the materials once they have been taken down and inventoried and photographed. You can give us a call and we'll give you an email address to send pictures and specs to, we'll take a look at it and if its something we're interested in we'll make you an offer on it. We can't tell you over the phone what your materials are "worth" or what we "usually" pay for materials - its all based on the condition of materials, species, location, shipping costs, material costs, supply and demand, really just a lot of factors. 

You are welcome to come take a look at the beams we have in stock, we have experienced "Beam Boys" that we will introduce you to and we all get a feel for the beams that you want in your home - the color, the texture, size, how rustic or formal you would like, etc - and they are entrusted to pull the beams you will approve and love and so far so good! Our guys do a great job and if we wouldn't have it in our house we wouldn't put it in yours!
You are welcome to come visit and take a look at materials and we'll have someone walk around with you. Its always best to call and make sure we'll have someone available, but 99.9% of the time we do. Our Insurance company does not allow us to just let the customers go around the yard by themselves, for your safety and ours! 

We work with lots of trucking companies to be able to get our customers the best possible rate for delivery, however, we do not own our own trucks which means you will have to be prepared to unload the materials delivered to you - the drivers are not supposed to unload the materials due to their insurance and probably your home owners insurance as well. When we make deliveries in the state of Alabama we have to add the taxes of the delivery address to the invoice, plus the shipping costs. 
Customers are also welcome to pick up their orders - we only add the 5% local tax on pick up orders. 

FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS FOR US TO ADD! (we do not keep, trade or sell anyone's email address)

We will get with you shortly with an answer!