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The term "mushroom" wood can be misleading to some, we've had people say "I've never heard of a mushroom tree" I couldn't help but giggle and explain to them that it is actually just the boards they make the bins for the mushroom beds out of. The woods soak up the minerals and deposits of the mushroom during the growth cycle. The environment of growing mushrooms is very challenging because it has to withstand constant exposure to moisture and soil, They use mostly cypress or hemlock because they withstand the elements needed. Which is also another reason it makes great siding! No staining, no sealant, no painting, it can just be allowed to age gracefully along with the rest of us and it is beautiful even years later. Proven fact!
The variation of this wood is attributed to the length of time the mushrooms spend in their beds.
All the planks are a nominal 1" thick x 8" wide x 12' long. At times we might have some 10' wide and 16' long in stock.
 The lazy mushrooms give us the most popular distressed boards with the knots standing out, the pitted grain - we gave it the "Rustic Elegance" nickname. At times we are able to offer the minimal-distressed, these are more solid and admired mostly because of the variation of the natural mushroom color and more of a constant thickness to work with.


Reclaimed Mushroom Wood

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