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Mixed hardwood flooring
Antique Heart Pine Flooring


With 30 years in the business now, our family owned and operated reclaimed wood shop has turned into James & Company Antique Timbers and Flooring, LLC  internationally! 
   We take great pride in recycling and rebuilding the future with pieces of the past, for our future generations to cherish and enjoy. 
   We also want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the experience of learning where these woods come from and with the product they choose for their forever home. Whether it be rustic beams on your ceiling, wood flooring or wall paneling with a matching mantle for the rustic or elegant home, we've got you covered! 

   Some of our products include Hand Hewn Beams, Reclaimed and fresh milled custom wood flooring, custom millwork for new home or to match existing "vintage" home in various species including Antique Oak, Pine, Doug Fir, Chestnut, Elm, Maple, Black Ash, Barn woods of various sizes and colors are available too for that "Dirty Face" or that Rustic Elegant ceiling or that accent wall you want to WOW yourself and visitors with and also for that low maintenance floor we all love!
Its very easy to get overwhelmed with what you want, what you like, what you need, etc. We don't have a big flashy website, and we aren't going to "name drop" (out of great respect) to try to win over customers or have a site with hundreds of links for you to get lost in, we like to keep it simple, understandable and give you that one-on-one attention you and your forever home needs. 

Donnie & Roxanne
James - Owners

Reclaimed wood flooring

Robbinsville, NC (click on picture to see site)
From the ceilings to the floors, WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!!!!

James & Company Antique Timbers and Flooring offers reclaimed wood flooring, reclaimed lumber, reclaimed timber, hand hewn beams, barn wood, old pine floors, pecky cypress, accent wall wood, heart pine beams, circle sawn wood, weathered wood, wide plank flooring, recycled wood, rustic wood flooring, old cabins, reclaimed brick, reclaimed tin in Chattanooga, TN, Huntsville, AL, Jackson, MS, Macon, GA, Panama City Beach, FL.

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